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Inspiring, imaginative and interesting.

News about Waldorf from around the world.

Since we started in 2008 we have had visitors from 160 countries giving us a global presence while maintaining our distinctly “local” emphasis in the United States and Canada. Over 1,250,000 page views for 2011 and 1,750,000 forecast for 2012.

The world’s largest Waldorf web site and news and events portal.

Waldorf Today is the vision of David Kennedy, a social entrepreneur, artist craftsman, teacher and businessman.

David apprenticed as a stained glass artist following high school and became an expert in new construction as well as restoration, often working with centuries old glass, including original Tiffany glass. He studied plant dyeing and tapestry design at the University of Louisville with Alma Lesch, one of the country’s foremost natural dyeing experts.

David became interested in teaching through tutoring illiterate prisoners in Kentucky which led to becoming an ESL/EFL teacher. He was responsible for teacher training at Switzerland’s largest language school for adults. In the 1980s David was a successful real estate developer and entrepreneur before discovering Waldorf education at the Rudolf Steiner Institute. He became interested in watercolor painting. He moved to Dornach, Switzerland to study at the Painting School of the Goetheanum. It was during this time that he was chosen to learn the craft of plant color pigment manufacture at a research laboratory in Switzerland and remains one of a handful of people in the world who can produce artist grade pigments from plant materials.

His search for a way to express his creativity in a social setting led him to Emerson College, where he studied to be a Waldorf teacher. David has taught in Waldorf schools in the United States and Europe for over twenty years. During his years in Europe he was a frequent visitor and advisor in classrooms all over the continent and developed his skill as an intuitive pedagogue. Most recently he completed two middle school cycles, at Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School in Viroqua, Wisconsin and Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado.

David has continued his interest in the arts and is an accomplished felter and tapestry artist as well as a coppersmith and enjoys sharing these arts with children and adults. He lived at Ruskin Mill in Nailsworth, England in the 1990s and has incorporated the combination of spirit of place and the landscape in connection with the arts into his educational philosophy.

David is the founder and Creative Director of the Waldorf Today weekly newsletter and waldorftoday.com, the largest and most popular Waldorf website in the world. He has guided the development of the Waldorf Today group from a handful of subscribers in 2008 to over 10,000 subscribers in December 2012. David is the editor of The Waldorf Book of Poetry, published by Living Arts Books in 2012, a critically acclaimed collection of over 425 poems by classic and modern poets that follows and supports the Waldorf curriculum.

Waldorf Today is not associated with any organization or professional body.