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No-test, No-tech School: Waldorf takes hands-on approach to learning—Waldorf on CNN with Dr. Gupta

Waldorf education is catching on from coast to coast. Dr. Sanjay Gupta examines this innovative approach to learning.

“Parents all over, they wring their hands about the state of schools—and there’s this big debate about high stakes testing. Does it hurt creativity, or does it actually offer accountability? So, imagine a school then with no tests, no technology, not even traditional textbooks. It’s the Waldorf Way.

“In a Waldorf school learning looks different. Instead of writing a book report on a literature lesson, they take that same story and create a play or a song.

“When you’ve done it, it really comes into your soul and into your limbs that you never forget. It’s true that most people learn by doing and that’s the innovative approach of a Waldorf education.”