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Waldorf News


Islamic State: The Dutch Teen Who Maps the Jihadists

One of the foremost cartographers of the Islamic State conflict is a 19-year-old Waldorf graduate from Amsterdam. Now that he's graduated from high school, he's preparing to take his activism to the next level. Thomas van Linge is a 19-year-old Dutch cartographer and activist. Islamic State fighters have conquered Rahabi in Iraq. They control the Libyan coast near Sirt. In Syria, they just lost Tall Abyad to the Kurds, but are spreading out in the center of Palmyra. Thomas van Linge is keeping an eye on their movements. The 19-year-old wears a hoodie and, although he only just graduated from high school, he already knows better than most people where the Jihadists are heading, which areas they are occupying and where they've been beaten back. That's because van Linge makes some of the world's best maps of chaotic war zones from the desk of his childhood bedroom in Amsterdam. He has never been to Syria, Iraq or Libya, and he learned Arabic on YouTube. More »

the waldorf way

The Waldorf Way: A Student's Perspective

I am 16, and spent a good thirteen years of my life attending the White Mountain Waldorf School in Albany. My time at Waldorf was the best. All of the people there are kind, loving, helpful and truly inspiring. I learned many things there, academically and otherwise. At Waldorf I learned math through stories of gnomes, German through songs, and I taught myself to read with little help. In history I studied all sorts of mythologies, eras and peoples. My teachers made learning fun and enjoyable. At this wonderful place I was also educated in many things most other schools don't teach. I was taught to hike and camp at a young age, I love the outdoors. Every week, we had a new chore and each person had to do their share to clean the room; we learned to be respectful and respectable. Each year, we were brought on a trip a few nights long, and from this I learned to spend time away from home. More »


The Solvik School: A Waldorf School in Järna, Sweden

As summer draws to a close and schools around the US and the world are reconvening for the new school year, here's a contribution from the 'picture is worth a thousand words' department. The photos are from the Solvik School web site and from the Intuitive Pedagogy Journal web site (the site's in English). —Ed. More »

Waldorf ADHD Research Project Finds Significant Shifts in Behavior

In recent times the Waldorf education movement began to be more clearly challenged by children who displayed attention related issues. Victor Frankl, the well-known American psychologist spoke of aggression, depression, and addiction as being three signatures of our time but a fourth challenge could be added, attention. Yet how could we stand against the huge wave that was hitting families and schools that called for the drugging of children with such substances as Ritalin? Waldorf Attention Related Disorders Research Project was launched in May 1999 to try to find some answers to this question. After two years of planning, fundraising and recruiting teachers and parents who enacted our suggested changes we are ready to release our initial findings. More »

taking an interest

Taking an Interest: The bridge between parents and teachers

When many years ago the doctor and special needs teacher Bernard Lievegoed was asked what constructive collaboration between parents and teachers might look like, he described for his colleagues the “golden triangle”. At the top are the pupils, at the bottom right the teachers and left the parents. Only if the three legs of this triangle work properly can educationally constructive work be done. If even just one is faulty the whole educational process is disrupted. More »